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May. 15th, 2008

May. 15th, 2008

 here is the link for the trailor the other one isn't good

May. 13th, 2008

Twilight Movie Cast List
Character NameActor/Actress
BellaKristen Stewart
EdwardRobert Pattinson
CharlieBilly Burke
AliceAshley Greene
RosalieNikki Reed
JasperJackson Rathbone
EmmettKellan Lutz
CarlislePeter Facinelli
JamesCam Gigandet
Jacob BlackTaylor Lautner
JessicaAnna Kendrick
Mike NewtonMichael Welch
EricJustin Chon
AngelaChristian Serratos
Billy BlackGil Birmingham
EsmeElizabeth Reaser
LaurentEdi Gathegi
VictoriaRachelle Lafevre
ReneeSarah Clarke
Waylon ForgeNed Bellamy
PhilMatt Bushell
Mr. MolinaJose Zuniga
stephenie meyers website
 today in the cafeteria that faggot  kept bugging me about the same fing thing as yesterday.  

speaking of yesterday i not sure i have ever cried so much in my life
he ...completely aacts like i have no feeling s at all.  
i dont understand why he has to pick on me when i barely ever 
talk  2 him 
i just wonder sometimes if im better off just not liking anybody and 
forgetting about the one person i have ever truly....truly liked.   i dont really know why i truly like him
i just....do

everything yasied said really really really  hurt and stung me a bit everyone says that they want
to help .... but there isn't anything any of them can do to help .

i feel like bella laying down on the the floor in  the woods right after edward told her  it would be
as if he had never exsisted.  now i feel really numb  and it ...it hurts to smile and laugh.

im not going to get better any time soon ...and i  dont think i will for a long long time but i wil hopefully and eventually get over it.

im not really when i will all i know is that im  broken  and nobody can stitch me back together.

May. 6th, 2008

 okay so here is part 2 

i really do like mario but try to act like i dont in front of him and his friends. 
it is kind of hard to act like i dont like him when im talking to him because i tend to
blush when i talk to him

my friends tell me i flirt when im with him but they know that im not doing it on purpose
my friend lidia knows that if we r in p.e i will be talking about him because  him and i are on the same team for  
softball which makes it harder for me to pretend like i dont like him


May. 5th, 2008

 i want all of you to stop telling me that i am looking 4 a rebound you people r soooo freiken  retarted and gay just fuk off and leave me alone with my sad dateless life. 

by the way mario in my 5th period is the hottest dude i have ever seen in my life
and yasid is the biggest faggat ever because he keeps trying to make me admit  that
i like him but im not going to because i know that if i say anything he will go and tell him and everyone
else  that i like him part 2 later

Apr. 30th, 2008

 SO ANYWAy now here is part two im kind of glad i broke up with him and delaney no i am not looking for a rebound

Apr. 23rd, 2008

today im pretty happy eventhough i broke up with my boyfriend.
im actually happy i did.
today isn't going to suck as much as i thought it would.
its been pretty a long time since i last wrote here and i think last time i did i wrote about some crap that was soo  unimportant that i dont remember what it was about .im basically writting here just to vent and write whatever pops into my head as im typing which is a bunch of things like why i kind of like my friends bf or x im not sure anymore i lost track. he really is kind of cute and nice except sometimes he can be a complete and total ass, but that's beside the point. im also thinking about why it is that i hang out with people who are my friends but we have absoloutely and totally nothing in common. its weird because we can talk for hours and not be talking about anything important we'll just txt echother about random crap like who think is hot or what we should do this weekend.
part # dos will come later 

Dec. 21st, 2007

 tell me what he said but on lj

Dec. 21st, 2007

 the guy that i like finally knows and im trying to avoid him because im afraid of what he might say. it was hard enough trying to tell him that someone had to do it for me but its just scary.